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Semi-Truck Crashes

Worksite Injury

Grocery Store Related Injuries

Death Cases

Motorcycle Accidents

Construction Site Injuries

Theme Park Injuries

Dog Bite or Animal Attacks

Uber, Lyft and Bus Accidents

Heavy Equipment Accidents

Salon and Spa Injuries

Denied Long Term Disability

Golf Cart Injuries

Work-Related Injury Cases

Cruise Ship or Boating Injuries

Other Insurance Claims

What is Personal Injury Law? Also referred to as tort or insurance law, personal injury law is a specific practice area that covers legal disputes that arise due to harm by a person/people or entity to another person. Not only can personal injury claims cover physical injuries, but emotional harm as well. This type of claim can include compensation for economic losses, like lost wages (including reduced earning capacity), medical bills, property damage, out of pocket expenses, and non-economic losses like pain and suffering including emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. Insurance claims can also be limited to non-injury claims as well, over denials of benefits afforded to you, including employment related short and long term disability plans and homeowners insurance property related claim denials. 


The goal of a personal injury lawyer handling these claims is to resolve your claim keeping in mind what’s best for you. Since one can’t undo the injury or damage, we seek a final settlement or verdict for a personal injury claim to help make you, the victim “whole”, eliminating the financial, emotional, and physical burden of an injury as much as possible.


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