Negligent Security

Negligent Security

Negligent Security and Dog Bite Attorney in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Surrounding Communities

Property owners have a duty to ensure their premises are as safe as possible for guests. As a result, they may be held financially responsible for any harm that comes to you or a loved one while on their property when injuries were the result of an assault or attack that could have been prevented with proper measures in place. This is known as negligent security.

A negligent security lawyer in Boyton Beach and Delray Beach like Dalton injury Law can help you navigate the claims process after you’ve suffered from criminal activity such as assault and battery, sexual assault, mass shooting, or robbery or from an injury caused by an animal.

Security negligence claims may include compensation for crimes due to negligent security such as:

  • Criminal Activity on Private Property
  • Lack of security features in place including cameras, fences, gates, alarm system, guards, and or lighting
  • Malfunctioning security equipment
  • Unqualified inexperienced guards or security
  • Shootings or attacks on innocent bystanders
  • Drive By Shootings
  • Fights, brawls, or group attacks
  • And more.
Additionally, if a property or animal owner fails to protect you from an animal on the property, such as a pitbull, german shepherd, or other aggressive breed of dog, you can make a claim against them for their negligence in their handling of the animal

Dog Bites claims may include compensation for Injuries due to negligent supervision of animals such as:

  • Dog bites as a guest at someone’s home or in their yard
  • Lack of security features in dog parks leading to dog bites;
  • Malfunctioning fences, gates or doors leading to loose dogs;
  • Unqualified inexperienced dog sitters or dog walkers;
  • Sudden attacks from innocent seeming dogs;
  • Dog Fights
  • And more
Have you experienced harm due to security negligence or a dog bite injury? If so, call us today or book your free case assessment online to find out how much compensation you can receive to cover your expenses due to injury. Negligent security and animal injury attorney in Delray Beach and Boynton Beach Scott Dalton, will help you get the full settlement you deserve!

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