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Fall-Related Injuries

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Negligent Security and Dog Bites

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Dalton Injury Law

Recent Case Results*

$400,000+ Settlement

Fall Off Stairs at Bar

$300,000 Settlement

Car Accident - Victim Who Required Spinal Surgery After Being Sideswiped

$300,000 Full Limits Tendered

Car Crash – Injured Party Underwent Spinal Surgery after being involved in rear end crash

$500,000 Settlement

Car Accident – Victim of Rear End Accident Required Shoulder Surgery

$95,000 Awarded

Slip and Fall - Customer Injured at Retail Store From Negligence

$200,000+ Settlement

Work Related Injury - After Golf Cart Was Hit by a Car

*The above cases are not intended to be representative of what every case’s value is. Each case is different and values change on multiple factors including liability, damage, and insurance coverage. Therefore, the above cases are not intended to be a guarantee nor a warranty on any case you may have with our firm.